Maxence Foucault, speed skating at Saran Loiret Handball this Friday evening in Besançon

The information passed under radar screens at the time, but it deserves to be underlined… Saran Loiret Handball, which is traveling this Friday evening September 23 to Besançon, on behalf of the third day of the Proligue championship , counts in its ranks a former vice-champion of France of… speed skating! “I was very young, among the chicks. It was in Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle, where I grew up”, explains Maxence Foucault, with a big smile.

Alongside Noé Lafougère, the young man, aged 21, is one of the septor babies. A succession that the club shapes within its training center directed by Jérémy Roussel. In June 2021, Maxence Foucault, then in the shadow of Théo Avelange-Demouge on the right wing, was part of the French Proligue champion group. A level where we find it today, but with more playing time. “It’s cool… Anything I can get my teeth into, I take it,” he explains.

“Winning in technique”

It was by moving, as a family, to Chécy, that the native of Orleans discovered handball, through the UNSS and his friends. left-handed, fast, he does not exclude embracing a professional career, in Saran or elsewhere, if the opportunity arises. For that, he will need, he says, “to gain in technique”. Avoid losing balloons stupidly. It is currently a Saranese evil.

In the first year of Master STAPS (ergonomics, physical activity), Maxence Foucault started classes next week. He will then have to manage everything: studies, sport, the Proligue or even the N2, in reserve, if the need arises.. No question for him to gamble too much on his performances… “If you start to back up when shooting thinking about your statistics, it becomes complicated very quickly”, breathes Maxence Foucault. As we understand… At his age, we can only advise him to take full advantage of the carelessness of his youth.

prime The great anger of Fabien Courtial, the coach of Saran Loiret Handball, after the defeat against Caen

Hunt, this evening, the trauma of Caen

Better, but still needs to improve! With eleven losses of ball against Nancy, last week, the Saran HB (Proligue) reduced the waste in its game. It is on this that it will be necessary to insist, tonight (8:15 p.m.)in Besançon, an opponent who remains on two defeats in two games, in the league.

Antoine Blanc (left rear) and Fabien Courtial (coach) insisted, on Wednesday, in a press briefing, on the “conquering state of mind” that must be displayed in order to hope to win in the Doubs. The initial failure at Caen was “traumatic”. There is always “a doubt” about the ability of the group to mobilize outside, admits Fabien Courtial. “The players of Besançon evolve by instinct. We will have to stay focused on their movements. It’s a team that never stops playing”, warns Antoine Blanc. Be careful!

The Saranese group.
Goalkeeper: 14. Tepper, 16. Panjan.
Outfielders: 3. Blanc, 6. Deumal, 11. Robyns, 13. Lafougère, 20. Caron, 23. Mosindi, 24. Gannac-Gentils, 45. Foucault, 61. Taufond, 64. Ramond (captain), 68 Eymann, 77. Radovic, 81. Rios.

Laurent Coursimault


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