Mazamet. Tennis: the centenary is doing well

The tennis club held its annual general meeting under the chairmanship of Sébastien Tailhades and in the presence of Agnès Maurel who institutes the town hall of Mazamet. Before the meeting, the children of the tennis school received rackets offered by the Tarn Committee, from the hands of Victorien Affre, their teacher. The general meeting was, as every year, particularly complete. The activity report showed a strong increase in the number of young people as well as adults. The club welcomes this progress which is the most important of the departmental committee.

The financial report presented, also in great detail by the treasurer of the club, showed that the financial situation is healthy.

The president then focused on the club’s plans for the coming year. A year that will mark the history of Tennis in Mazamet since the club will celebrate its centenary in 2023. This anniversary will be celebrated with dignity from Monday June 12 to Sunday June 18, 2023 with many events at the club’s headquarters but also in the city center near the Halle. The president took advantage of this general meeting to ask, in view of a major exhibition, all those who have photos, objects, stories, to communicate them to the Organizing Committee.

In the meantime, we can be reassured, the centenary is going very well!

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