Mbappé has fun with the “total hypocrisy” around the trophy

In an interview with France Football, Kylian Mbappé believes that the world of football is fueling a “big lie” with stars who do not publicly admit that the Ballon d’Or is clearly a goal for them.

Once again among the nominees for the Ballon d’Or, Kylian Mbappé (23) considers himself to be “a more credible, more serious candidate” to become the lucky winner in the near future. “Before, I was a curiosity, and my place in the Top 10 was a reward. Now I want, ask for more, ”he said in confidences revealed on Saturday by Soccer France. By discussing his personal ambition in this interview, the Paris Saint-Germain star striker stands out from his competitors who pretend not to be interested in the coveted trophy. A way for him not to feed what he describes, amused, as “total hypocrisy”.

“We are in total hypocrisy because all football lovers, when the results approach, only think about that, but we, the players, would not have the right to think about it publicly? (… ) Of course it’s a big lie! Maybe it’s also because people aren’t ready to hear a player say: “I’m really in a hurry to get the Ballon d’Or results because I I have a real chance of having it this year”. This honesty, I think it would go wrong. We would take it for pretension or arrogance”.

“At one point, Cristiano [Ronaldo], he assumed, he remembers. But that doesn’t happen too much. So everyone camouflages their impatience and their ambitions for an individual trophy in order to avoid looking proud. We talk about collective, team, and people are content when you answer on the side. It’s weird, but it’s a little game that has nothing mean and that participates in the mystery of the trophy”.

He places himself behind Benzema

For this year, even if he thinks that the winner “is not for the one whose team has gone into battle, especially in the Champions League” and that he considers to have “crossed a threshold”, the world champion english is not a favorite for this year. “Benzema, me and Mané”, he answers when asked for his Top 3 for 2021-2022. “In place of Karim, if I don’t win there, I’ll stop thinking about the Ballon d’Or forever!”, He also slips, welcoming in passing the “season of his life” of the star of the Real Madrid.

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