Mercato: aided by the state, Al-Nasr pushes for Cristiano Ronaldo! – Soccer

Even if the Portuguese striker has planned that he will not decide on his future before the end of the World Cup, the Al-Nasr club seems determined to continue its seduction operation with Cristiano Ronaldo. This time, even the Saudi sports minister made his comment.

What if Ronaldo joined Saudi Arabia?

It’s no secret that the Al-Nasr club have been dreaming of bringing Cristiano Ronaldo to their squad for months. Even after having suffered the refusal of the Portuguese striker last summer despite a proposal however XXL marked by a salary of 242 million euros spread over two years, the Saudi club has not lost hope of arriving its fins.

Ronado, a Saudi minister interferes in the file!

A will also reinforced by the recent separation of the fivefold Ballon d’Or with Manchester United, which made the native of Funchal free. Al-Nasr understood it well, Ronaldo does not intend to decide on his future before the end of the World Cup in Qatar, which he started on Thursday by scoring against Ghana (3-2). But the formation of the Gulf intends to continue its seduction operation by then.

And this time, the Saudi sports minister, Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Saud, decided to get involved, publicly flirting with Ronaldo. Everything is possible. I would like to see Ronaldo play in the Saudi league. This would benefit the league, the Saudi sports ecosystem and inspire young people for the future. He is a role model for many children and a large fan base.a clam the representative of the state at the microphone of the BBC.

Al-Nasr, a credible project?

Al-Nasr and all of Saudi football therefore dream of achieving the big blow. But what are the real chances of seeing Ronaldo fly off to Saudi Arabia? Normally, the project would have seemed insane. Nevertheless, 37 years old, and because of his high salary claims and a complicated end to Manchester, it is clear that CR7 no longer attracts the crowds frankly. Real Madrid have already closed the door on their comeback. As for Chelsea, the Blues no longer seem very keen on the idea of ​​signing him.

Only Newcastle, whose owners are… Saudi, still seem interested and able to finance his arrival in the major European championships. From then on, the idea of ​​seeing the Madre star fly off to an exotic destination is no longer impossible. On paper anyway. Especially since Al-Nasr has a fairly qualitative squad with the presence of Rudi Garcia on the bench, and players like David Ospina, Luiz Gustavo and Ahmed Musa.

Do you believe in a departure of Ronaldo Al-Nasr? Does the Portuguese produce an error of denial of a golden bridge at this stage of his career? Do not hesitate to react and beat in the area add a comment


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