Mercato: Marcus Rashford (Manchester United), the risky bet of PSG? “The talent, there is not much left”

Transfer window rumors rarely go unnoticed when it comes to PSG. Even less so when it comes to a recognized name like Marcus Rashford. The interest shown by the capital club in the Manchester United striker, revealed by L’Equipe, is enough to make people react. The English international, announced as one of the future stars of world football at the start of his career, has since lost his luster. Like his past season, which was particularly delicate. Rather clever since the start of the transfer market, Paris seems to be embarking on a risky bet this time.

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To clarify its attack, PSG thinks of Rashford


That PSG track Rashford in another surprise more than one across the Channel. And the prospect of recovering at a good price a player whose current contract expires in a year from the lead in the wing. “Luis Campos (the sports adviser of the PSG, Editor’s note) is supposed to have an eye for talent, and in truth, Rashford doesn’t have much leftsays Alexander Netherton, our colleague from the site. It makes more sense that he is available at a discounted rate, but his contract could be extended for another year. So there’s not much chance of winning.”

Rotten season and extenuating circumstances

Is the game worth the candle? The question deserves to be asked regarding a player who totaled only 4 goals, 2 assists and only 31 appearances in all competitions last season. Rashford had attacked the exercise bruised by his missed shot in the final of a Euro where he had played little with England. But there are other extenuating circumstances. “He also underwent shoulder surgery, then returned to a struggling sideemphasizes Alexander Netherton. We can also wonder if Louis van Gaal, José Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (his previous coaches at Manchester United, editor’s note) actually know how to train forwards to improve.”

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And beyond the vagaries of the life of a professional footballer and a rather proposed executive at Manchester United, where few players have managed to display their best level in recent years, Rashford’s extra-sporting life can also explain his lack of performance. “Rashford is committed to a social causerecalls Alexander Netherton. His desire to see starving children fed and his effectiveness in the campaign are only to his credit. But he is only 24 years old, maybe the pressure of causes has affected his ability to focus on football. Many players of his age struggle even though their whole life is devoted to football.”

“If he can get peace away from the press…”

Exactly. The player in which PSG is interested is not a footballer like the others. Through his committed positions, Rashford has become a real personality in England. With the divisive side that this implies. “This made him very popular with some people and unpopular with others.summarizes Alexander Netherton. Among youngsters and socially conscious people, he remains popular regardless of his success in football. And the reverse is true for those on the right in British politics, which is the case for almost every newspaper in the country..”

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This backdrop could well weigh on Rashford’s performance. And leaving England could well be the key to allowing him to resume the thread of his career. “Fans doubt his effectiveness but many seem to think a fresh start in France could be the change he needsforward Alexander Netherton. Rashford was an exceptionally promising player a few years ago and appears to be a committed professional. If he can get peace away from the English press and politicians and play with a winning team, maybe he can get back to his best form..”

Everything will depend on the price

This is what PSG can possibly offer him. Still would have to make his hole in the formation of Christophe Galtier. A team in which the three places in attack are already promised to Kylian Mbappé, Neymar and Leo Messi. And the Parisian coach is considering a three-midfield option which would further reduce the number of forwards. Rashford would thus be faced with a necessary adaptation phase in a new country, another championship and a particularly exposed club, if this is also the case of Manchester United, with very strong competition. He would have other hurdles to overcome to really bounce back.

But the challenge has something to please him, especially since Paris is engaged in the Champions League unlike Manchester United. It is rather the recruiter’s interest in PSG that may seem questionable. Even if his versatility and his profile have something to interest any club. Also in search of a midfielder and a defender, Paris may have other priorities and safer bets to try. “Doesn’t seem like a risk worth taking unless it’s really cheap“Summarizes Alexander Netherton. And that will be up to the management of the Red Devils to decide.

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