MERCATO, Marseille – He dreamed of Antoine Griezmann: Sampaoli was totally out of step with OM

It may seem unlikely. And that says a lot about Jorge Sampaoli’s shift in vision at OM. After qualifying Olympique de Marseille for the Champions League on the last day of L1, the now ex-Marseille coach was expecting a high-flying transfer window from Pablo Longoria and Olympian leaders. The team thus reveals this Saturday that the former Argentine coach had notably slipped two names to his president: that of Antoine Griezmann and Renato Sanches.

It seems a bit lunar when you know Marseille finances. Especially for Griezmann who still receives 10 million euros net at Atlético de Madrid, according to Cope. With his emoluments and even if he has already made enormous sacrifices leaving Barça, it is characterized the kind of players who cannot fit into the plans of OM whose financial capacities remain despite qualification for C1 and the windfall that the investment of the CVC investment fund will bring to the heart of French football.


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A very different view on timing

For Renato Sanches, it’s a bit the same story. If he does not fall into the same category as the 2018 world champion, the Lille midfielder is untouchable for Marseille while the suitors are legion for the Portuguese and generally have means other than OM. But now, Sampaoli, who has always been very demanding vis-à-vis his club leaders for recruitment, wanted to have the means to appear well on the European scene next season.

This anecdote revealed by The Team may seem like fun on paper. But above all it illustrates Sampaoli’s gap in vision with the reality of Marseille. If his ambition is laudable, the Argentinian saw OM too big. Far too big even now.

“We discussed and it’s a question of timing in the project. We have a construction and future project. We all have the same ambition, it’s the timing that is different“, explained Pablo Longoria on Friday, who must wait for opportunities on the market while his former coach wanted to have the majority of his squad on hand in mid-July. His head a little too much in the clouds, Sampaoli could not continue on the Canebière at the risk of seeing the frustrations accumulate.

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