Mercato Mercato – OM: It’s confirmed, McCourt has received a takeover offer

William of Saint Sauveur

Long interested in the takeover of OM a few years ago, the Franco-Tunisian businessman Mohamed Ajroudi had instructed Mourad Boudjellal to pilot the takeover offer from Frank McCourt at the time. And the president of Hyères FC took care in detail of this period and this great project which did not see the light of day.

The dates back to the summer of 2020, when Jacques-Henri Eyraud was still president of theOM, and at the time there was already talk of a sale of the Marseille club. The businessman mohamed ajroudiso very interested in theOMcollaborated with Mourad Boudjellal who was in turn responsible for piloting the takeover offer to the owner of theOM, Franc McCourt. An operation that never materialized, and in an interview with the Phocaean on Wednesday, Boudjellal a project yet confirmed.

” It’s from the past “

I never wanted to buy OM, I can’t afford it. It was Mr. Ajroudi. It’s a blink of an eye, but for me, it’s in the past and especially today Longoria is doing a pretty good job. You would have to be in bad faith to say that he did not turn the club around. He brought them to the European Cup then with ups and downs, but the job is done and there is absolutely nothing to say “, entrusts Boudjellalwhich is now very far from the plan to take over theOM.

Boudjellal will meet OM

And the president of Hyeres CF continue since, ironically, he will soon cross paths with theOM in the Coupe de France: It’s magic because OM is a legendary club. I was brought up and loved Bernard Tapie’s OM. And then I was brought up with the OM of Carnus and Skoblar and Magnusson so it seemed incredible to me to play this real OM. It’s magic, it’s the magic of the Coupe de France “, noted Boudjellal.

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