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Following the downgrading of Bamba Dieng to push him to pack his bags, the Senegalese agent spoke on Monday and demanded an explanation from the leaders of Olympique de Marseille.

Bamba Dieng does not intend to leave OM.

At the end of a promising season (8 goals scored in 36 games in all competitions), Bamba Dieng is disillusioned this summer with Olympique de Marseille.

The 22-year-old striker has indeed been given the 5th choice of his position in the hierarchy established by the new coach Igor Tudor and he has desperately remained on the bench during the last preparation matches.

SB Seck – his decision is price

The objective is clear: to crack the Senegalese international and push him to accept a departure which could bring in around 15 million euros in the coffers of OM. Indeed, the winner of the last CAN is well rated on the market and he interests Friborg and Benfica. For the time being, however, there is no question for the Lion of Teranga to consider a transfer, as his agent, Seydou Bocar Seck, recalled on Monday in the columns of La Provence.

For his part, his decision is made. He wants to stay. OM is his club. He intends to give back to the fans all the positive energy he receives through good performances on the pitch a significant representative at first, while demanding explanations. His position is that of listening, he attends the communication from the club. If the player is not good enough, as his new status in the hierarchy indicates according to the coach, we wait for them to call and say clearly: ‘listen, we judge that it is insufficient for us, please find another selected.’ From then on, we would know what to do.

Dieng top scorer in the preparation

Seck then dismissed the Marseille leaders in the face of their contradictions by vacating the possibility of a downgrading motivated by sporting reasons. The summer preparation is over. OM’s record is five goals scored. He took three. With reduced playing time, he still ends up top scorera slipped the agent. He is frustrated but he is also positively touched by the messages of support he receives. A lot of people do not understand the treatment reserved for him. This confirms his choice and the path he has decided to take, which is to stay at the club, constantly improve his performance, and make the people of Marseille proud and happy.

Despite this tense situation, a departure therefore remains exclusively in the eyes of Dieng. It remains to be seen how this soap opera will end since OM intends to make a place in its offensive sector to finalize the arrival of striker Alexis Sanchez. In the process of being released by Inter Milan, the Chilean would already have an agreement with the vice-champion of France in title for a 2-year contract…

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