Mercato Mercato – OM: Thiago Almada, the big failure of Longoria

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OM: Thiago Almada, the big failure of Longoria

Published on October 4, 2022 at 04:45

In the summer of 2021, then looking for an attacking midfielder, OM, under the advice of Jorge Sampaoli, looked in particular at the profile of Thiago Almada. Playing at Vélez Sarsfield at the time, the Argentinian is announced as a very promising player. Finally, the transfer of Almada will not happen and Pablo Longoria could well bite his fingers. Explanations.

If theOM a fact to come Amine Haritloan by Schalke 04, during the 2021 summer transfer window, the Moroccan was not required to have priority at that time. While the idea was to find an attacking midfielder to support Dimitri Payet, Jorge Sampaoli and Pablo Longoria rather had their eyes on the side of Argentina. Indeed, at theOMwe were under the spell of Thiago Almada, crack of the Velez Sarsfieldannouncement like the future Lionel Messi.

Atlanta rather than OM

Despite this interest ofOM, Thiago Almada finally did not put down his suitcases on the Canebière. And it was a few months later, in December 2021, that an agreement was announced for the transfer of the Argentinian to Atlanta United. Now in MLS, Almada continue to work miracles and this could offer him prestigious doors.

A future transfer at 25M€?

American journalist, Jaime Ojeda indeed reveals that a big transfer could soon be made for Thiago Almada. It is thus explained that the biggest European clubs would be in the footsteps of the Argentinian. So today at Atlanta, Almada could finally make the leap to Europe as part of a transfer that could be around 20-25M€. What give some regrets to theOM of not having recruited him a few months ago?

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