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Hurt by the recent remarks of President Nasser Al-Khelafi, striker Neymar would no longer rule out leaving Paris Saint-Germain where he feels more and more pushed towards leaving this summer.

Neymar has had to since joining PSG in 2017.

By meaning the end of the sequinsby castigating the players who want stay in their comfort and by refusing to clearly confirm that Neymar still has a place in the project, Paris Saint-Germain president Nasser Al-Khelafi started a small fire during his medical rounds on Tuesday.

This Sunday, RMC Sport indeed reveals that these remarks have vexed the 30-year-old striker, who felt unfairly screwed, and his entourage. Indeed, the Brazilian international believes he has made efforts in terms of involvement this season, especially during his recovery.

The Ney did not appreciate

It’s no secret that PSG are showing themselves to be less and less closed to a departure from Auriverde, whose contract will soon be automatically extended until June 2027. From there, if the effect sought with these strong words was to move the lines in his camp, it’s mission accomplished for the leader! According to the same source, the Ney would indeed, for the first time, have begun to show openness to a departure in recent days.

While he carait any movement in this year of the World Cup, the former Barcelona would no longer exclude upsetting his plans because he was no longer necessarily targeted and desired in the capital. This information joins that of the newspaper AS which affirmed on Saturday that the entourage of Neymar would have contacted Juventus Turin, interested in his profile. Before any final decision, the South American would still wait for PSG to clarify their position on him, which does not look easy because the reigning French champion cannot take the risk of offending one of his stars in openly showing him the exit.

Leave, but where?

Even if the Brazilian has opened the door, the hardest part is still to be done in this case: find a club capable of paying for his transfer, to match his astronomical salary (more than 4 million euros gross per month) and who suits him… For the time being, only Newcastle is really ready to offer a gold bridge the Auriverde but this one is not thrilled by this destination.

Chelsea, who will lose Romelu Lukaku, and Manchester United, in the event of the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, could also tick several cases but these two curies have not moved a finger for the moment. For FC Barcelona and Juve, sometimes linked to Ney, this operation, on the other hand, seems financially inaccessible. In short, the idea is gaining ground but the striker is far from having left Paris…

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