Mercato – No to PSG and Newcastle, Ekitike takes out the big bluff

Hugo Ekitike has still not chosen his new club for the coming season. The Reims striker is in no hurry and is calmly awaiting the right offer.

To have an agreement between two clubs for a transfer and not to have concluded the deal a month later remains something rare in the world of the transfer window. This is the situation in which the Stade de Reims finds itself with its nugget Hugo Ekitike. The latter announced his desire to leave the Champagne club at the end of the season, after having almost left last winter. Newcastle showed up with a solid offer of €36m, which was accepted by chairman Caillot. But the clan of the Reims striker clearly made the English club wait, which set several ultimatums before making it known that its offer would not be eternal. Ekitike was certainly waiting for a call from the foot of Paris SG, which has it on its radar through Luis Campos. But nothing comes, and that does not particularly strain the young striker. It was his trainer in Reims, Oscar Garcia, who spoke about this delicate situation, since Ekitike is ready to resume with his training while obviously waiting for the offer that will completely convince him. Maybe from Spain…

Oscar Garcia intends to take advantage of it

He told me he wanted to stay. But if there is Real Madrid or Barcelona coming…. I feel calm. I spoke with him after Newcastle offered. He was very calm, and told me that. He has no problem staying at the club… and neither do I. “, delivered the Spanish coach, who has no illusions about the future of his player, who will not a priori be in Reims. It remains to be seen if the Premier League will crack him, if PSG will step up a gear, or if a big Spanish name will show up in the coming days for what is already shaping up to be the biggest sale of the club. ‘History of the Stade de Reims anyway.

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