Mercato – PSG, Chelsea, Bayern, Saudi Arabia: But where will Cristiano Ronaldo bounce?

We can therefore be five times Ballon d’Or, prepare to play his fifth World Cup and be “unemployed” (with big quotes, of course). But yes, it’s a fact: Cristiano Ronaldo will play at the World Cup as a player free of any contract. On Tuesday, Manchester United formalized an agreement to terminate the Portuguese international’s contract, a decision expected after the interested party’s scathing interview with journalist Piers Morgan. The fire ignited, the explosion could only be a matter of time.

Once this separation is formalized, the question everyone is asking is obvious: Where the hell will CR7 bounce off? Or rather can it bounce back? Several clubs are already mentioned to recover the 36-year-old striker, who says to himself “in the shape of his life” and who would be interested, according to rumors, in PSG, Napoli or even Chelsea. However, the hypothesis of seeing him leave outside of Europe cannot be ruled out. Saudi Arabia would also be lends itself to real madness for him.

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Ah, that good old CR7-PSG rumour. A classic for many years now. With, however, a rather clear trend change. Before, it was Paris who dreamed of Ronaldo. Now it is rather Ronaldo who dreams of Paris. Recently reported on the possibility that Kylian Mbappé signs with Real Madrid, and that PSG decides to fall back on him to play with Lionel Messi in Paris, the Portuguese had been clear: “Everything is possible in football. Why not ? Would Paris sell a lot of jerseys? That’s for sure.”

If the PSG track is cited by the Portuguese media this Wednesday, it is nonetheless (very) difficult. What interest, both economic and sporting, would PSG have in recruiting CR7 in the middle of the season, with an already bloated workforce, a salary still (around 28 million euros) and a recently renewed Kylian Mbappé? A Messi-Ronaldo-Mbappé-Neymar attack would probably be unheard of in the history of football, of course. And the idea could even seduce QSI, especially with Ronaldo free of any contract. But today, it seems only fantasy and pure fantasy.


There, already, the hypothesis is more credible. The name of the English club has been coming back insistently in recent hours, both on the side of Spain (Mark) than Italy (Gazzetta dello Sport). According to the transalpine daily, moreover, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman would be ready to splurge via his Sovereign Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF). The plan ? Make him play 6 or 18 months in Newcastle, before making him finish his career with Al-Nassr FC. To convince him, more than 300 million euros could be put on the table. “The Portuguese carefully analyzes this proposal, which goes beyond the framework of football (…) He could also be the head of the gondola of the vast project ‘Saudi Vision 2023’, which aims to place the Saudi economy at the center of that world“, it is also specified.

In his interview with Piers Morgan, Ronaldo confirmed that he refused an offer from Saudi Arabia last summer: “It was very hard to refuse but on the other hand I was very happy here in Manchester and I still thought I could score a lot of goals.“, he justified himself to explain his refusal to 350 million euros. But today, the situation has changed.


Quoted during the last summer transfer window, and brought back into the race by the Portuguese press, the Blues would have the finances but do not seem really certain of wanting Cristiano Ronaldo. “Chelsea have not planned for a possible arrival of CR7″, very serious report Telegraph this Wednesday, explaining that new owner Todd Boehly is now “other goals“on the transfer window, like Christopher Nkunku, Declan Riche or Jude Bellingham.”Scout Ronaldo would give coach Graham Potter a huge choice problem and could cause discord in the dressing room“, can we also read. Next.


Here too, it gets complicated. If Jorge Mendes would have offered the services of his protege last summer, notably promising a sale of Victor Osimhen in more than three figures, nothing had materialized. And his arrival in the city of Vesuvius remains just as difficult four months later. Napoli, a real war machine since the start of the season and “best team in europe“According to the words of Jürgen Klopp, would not really have an interest in recruiting Ronaldo.

In addition, a new turn has been taken in the Neapolitan project, with a desire to lower the wage bill and to rely on ideas more than money. And it works. Finally, on the pitch, the Azzurra attack is complete: Kvaratskhelia is the revelation of the season in the left lane, and Victor Osimhen already has two doubles like Giovanni Simeone and Giacomo Raspadori. We forget.

Bayern Munich

Is the door still double-locked on the Munich side? Last July, former goalkeeper and now chairman Oliver Kahn was clear: “We brought up this topic – otherwise we would not be doing our job well. Personally, I think that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers who never existed on this planet (…) But we have come to the conclusion that, despite all the esteem we all have for him, he ‘ would not have matched our philosophy in the current situation.”

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If he would also keep recruiting a number 9 in the more or less near future, the rekordmeister still does not seem ready to make room for the five-time Ballon d’Or, whose salary would impact the club’s finances. Last week, Image had denied a possible meeting between Bayern and Ronaldo, announced by the English press, explaining that the current leader of the Bundesliga is not “interested“. Only the long injury of Sadio Mané could move the lines.

Back to Portugal, departure to MLS…

Race report: it is not really certain that the native of Funchal will join a “big” team along the way. So there are other avenues to consider. For example MLS, with at least three franchises allowing it to offer a golden bridge: Los Angeles Galaxy, Los Angeles Football Club and David Beckham’s Inter Miami. “What he does at his age (37) is truly amazing“, confided the latter in May. There is no doubt that he will make an attempt to convince him to join him in the United States. “He would be the ideal ambassador for the World Cup organized with Mexico and Canada in 2026“, recalls the Gazzetta dello Sport this Wednesday.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United

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For the more romantic, the idea of ​​seeing things come full circle with Sporting Portugal is the most appealing. There, everyone will welcome him with open arms, but on condition that he drastically reduces his emoluments. “About the likes of all here, there is not much to say. He says himself that he wants to do things in peace to follow his future. It is up to him to decide his future. I’m not going to sit here telling you how things are going for me. Over the summer it became apparent that not everything was going through me. There is the club, there is the structure. He is a Manchester United player“, replied the coach of the Portuguese club Rúben Amorim last week. It was before his separation from the Red Devils. After all, you never forget your first love, right?

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