Mercato TFC: the club holds its chance with Hamza Sakhi … and could succeed this time!

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After failing to sign the Auxerre midfielder last season, the TFC returned to the charge, with the hope of concretizing.

On the side of Toulouse, it is the name that has been coming back in a loop during the transfer window for a year: Hamza Sakhi. Seduced by the profile of the attacking midfielder of AJA, the TFC had advanced its pawns during the last off-season, but had come up against the refusal of the Burgundians, reluctant to the idea of ​​​​reinforcing a direct competitor to the rise in the League 1 .

A year later, both teams have achieved their goal and found themselves on the top floor…and TFC’s interest hasn’t waned.

Sakhi out of contract in a year…

According to our information, the Haut-Garonne club would have returned to the charge and would have sent an offer of nearly three million euros to AJA to secure the services of its Moroccan playmaker, author of 5 goals and 4 assists in 31 L2 games last season. For their part, the leaders of Auxerre still hope to convince Sakhi to continue the adventure in Yonne, but the 26-year-old player, conversely, would not be against joining the banks of the Garonne, after 4 and a half seasons in Auxerre (interspersed with a 6-month loan to Sochaux in 2018-2019).

One year from the end of Hamza Sakhi’s contract, the club paid by James Zhou is back to the wall: while negotiations for an extension are slipping, the risk of seeing him leave free next June is growing. An asset for the TFC which, after selling Bafodé Diakité to Lille for 3.5 million euros, continues its research in defense and midfield.

… like Spierings and van den Boomen

On the Rassoul Ndiaye file, the ambition of the Haut-Garonne club seems cooled by the amount set by Sochaux, which does not seem willing to give up its nugget – again holder last night against Grenoble – at less than 4 million euros .

Between Ndiaye and Sakhi, will it then be necessary to choose? On the ground in any case, the profiles of the two players do not have much to do.

Much more defensive, the first city could have a sentinel role alongside Stijn Spierings while Sakhi, an excellent passer and game organizer, would rate higher on the meadow, in a register closer to that of Branco van den Boomen.

Damien Comolli also knows, like his coach, that things can change quickly between now and August 31 and the closing of the transfer window. “For the moment we have a homogeneous group. But we know very well that the last week of August, the counters panic all over Europe. We may receive offers that are difficult to refuse, as was the case. case for Amine Adli or Kelvin Amian last season”, underlined Philippe Montanier in a press conference.

In the meantime, the TFC has still not agreed with its two Dutch midfielders for an extension of their contracts, which will expire in June 2023.

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