Metz Handball players at the U18 World Cup

Several Metz Handball players are currently playing in the U18 World Cup in North Macedonia with their respective teams. Results of the first matches.

Metz Handball continues to be a provider of internationals at all levels. Already well represented at the IHF U20 World Cup a few weeks ago, the Mirabelle plum club can closely monitor the U18 World Cup which has been taking place for a few days in North Macedonia, in particular to gauge some new recruits there.

Andela Zagar and Croatia

Committed with the Croatia, Andela Zagar is the player who has had the best success at the start of the competition on an individual level. Despite a defeat for her start against Egypt (31/33), the impressive full-back was able to reveal herself with a 10/15 which she simply confirmed with a massive victory in the second match, against India (36-54). The young Croatian scored 7 goals there in 13 attempts. All that remained was to drive the point home against Kazakhstan (31-26 victory). It’s chosen done with a remarkable 8/11 in shooting.
With a cumulative 25/39 in the group stage, we can already hold the top scorer in the competition…
The Croatian team will start their main round with a confrontation against Denmark.

Merle Albers and Germany

Side German you could watch Merle Albers perform. The young pivot first won against Slovakia (39-18) with a simple 1/2 shot, before suffering a defeat against South Korea (34-28) in a match or she remained silent. In the last pool match against Switzerland (30-23), she scored a but on her only attempt.
Germany will start their main tour on Thursday against the Netherlands.

Manon Errard, Emma Tuccella and the French team

Finally, take out the flags. L’franc teamHe only had a short defeat against the European Champions u17. Manon Errard won against Spain (31-28) with a 1/6 shot; as well as against Argentina (23/20) where she remained unsatisfied with a simple 0/1. Emma Tuccella when she only contested the second meeting where she registered 1 but in 4 attempts. Both involved in the 22-21 defeat against Hungary, they signed a similar performance in shooting: 12.
It is against Norway that the Bleuettes will play their first match of the main round.

If successful, some of these players could contest the world until the Final on August 10. An XXL preparation while some could be a role to play with the Dragonnes in the Butagaz Energy League as in the Champions League from the start of the season.

A controversial ball

Wondering what handball would look like without the use of resin? The IHF has chosen to show it to you. This U18 World Cup is played with a special ball that does not require (on paper) the use of resin, an element banned in young categories by many federations.
The results are rather surprising. Perspiration helping, the ball becomes uncontrollable in certain key moments which caused, among other things, throws of 7 meters gags or rather unexpected passes. Good luck to the players in this context.

Photo credit: Matthieu Henkinet and Julien Buret except one (IHF)

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