Metz Handball players parade at the cathedral: understand the controversy in 3 acts

The Metz Handball players marched through the cathedral on Monday September 5, 2022. An act that is still controversial today. (©François Grosdidier/City of Metz)

The event linked to the start of the season for the players of the Metz Handball to the St. Stephen’s Cathedral still does not pass in the eyes of many Internet users.

Monday September 5, 2022, the sportswomen took part in a parade which was held within the building for an unprecedented event.

More than two weeks later, many netizens continue to voice their outrage through comments and social media posts.

September 5: the parade at the cathedral

That evening, the cathedral was the scene of the presentation of the 2022-2023 team of Metz Handball players, received by Canon Thiry. They paraded in sportswear and then in evening wear.

On social networks, the first indignant reactions began to flourish. Many netizens called the event ” shocking “, believing that a place of worship was an inappropriate place to organize this type of event.

September 17: militants attempt to exorcise the cathedral

Nearly two weeks later, on Saturday September 17, members of the far-right Catholic party Civitas entered the cathedral. Among them were Cassandre Fristot, already identified in Metz as having caused controversy for having brandished a sign deemed anti-Semitic during a demonstration against the health pass in 2021.

They tried to “exorcise” the place of worship, especially after the September 5 event. The protesters were evacuated by the police.

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The act also caused a reaction, the canon having himself contacted the police to get the participants out of the building.

September 19: François Grosdidier defends himself

Two weeks after the presentation of the players, the comments continued to flow, precisely under a publication of the mayor (LR) of Metz, François Grosdidier.

The elected official responded to one of the comments, which revealed any responsibility of the municipality for the organization of the festivities.

I didn’t impose anything. I didn’t even have anything to say. It is the Bishopric that alone decides on the use of the cathedral and the secular events that can be organized there.

Francois GrosdidierMayor (LR) of Metz

Anyway, other Internet users continued to express their indignation, even more than two weeks after the facts.

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