Michael Jéremiasz, Paralympic wheelchair tennis champion

During one of his trips to Paris, Michaël Jéremiasz talks about his career and his commitments for AirZen Sport. Time to talk about the impressive career of this former world number 1 in wheelchair tennis. A sportsman with impressive mental strength and a well-stocked track record.

Jumble: 5 French championships, 7 Grand Slams in doubles, world No. 1 in doubles in 2004 and in singles in 2005. Not to mention four Paralympic medals including one in or in men’s doubles in Beijing in 2008. In 2016, in On the occasion of the Paralympic Games in Rio, he was appointed flag bearer of the French delegation.

A great pride for him who will retire from sport the same year. Hyper active, he is also co-founder and president of the association “Comme les autres” which accompanies in their journey of reconstruction, people who have become disabled following an accident of life. And in particular thanks to sport and thrills. Business manager, TV consultant, speaker, but also a member of the Paris 2024 Athletes’ Commission…

Sport is never far away. He started playing tennis at the age of 6. A sport that he will not let go of even after this event which will change his life. On February 7, 2000, at the age of 18, on vacation in Avoriaz in Haute-Savoie, he suffered a terrible skiing accident which left him paraplegic. A year of rehabilitation later, he is back on the tennis court.

Changing the look on disability, the role of sport in this, Olympism and the main stages of his career, this is the program of AirZen Sport.

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