Millau. Handball: Small progress for the

The under-15 boys had organized a friendly match in Saint-Affrique this Sunday. A team already met in pre-season and which had beaten Millau, it was an opportunity to gauge our improvements, especially since our team is made up of young beginners.

Saint-Affrique fielded a more solid team which, from the start, undermined our defense, alone Dylan in the cages makes good saves. Even in attack, our players do not arrive despite good combinations which lead Elie to conclude with nice goals.

In the second half, Milan put things in place, but again, alone Elijah out of the lot. Too many defensive faults to be able to compete with Saint-Affrique which crushes our defense.

During the third period, despite trying to keep a defense with six players, we witness a demonstration of the locals who, especially with their second years, conclude with the score of 37 to 10.

With so few goals, it will therefore be necessary to work on the attack and the finish. Don’t neglect defense either, as our team has shown that their progress does not move quickly.

Our scorers: Elie (4 goals), Gabin and Milan (2), Ugo and Raphaël B. (1).

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