Mirepoix. Rugby school on all fronts

Every Saturday, Bernard and Romain masterfully lead the initiation and practice of rugby for the little ones, thanks to the Baby Rugby and U6 section. Tomorrow, the young shoots will be expected at the Ferrières gymnasium to participate in the first U6 plateau, bringing together all the rugby schools of Ariège.

Last weekend, the U8 to U12 categories, on the move, were opposed to the teams of Revel, Labastide-de-Beauvoir and the TOAEC. The young people defended themselves well with nice movements repeated in training.

Regarding the U14s, a rally was signed with the minimexes of Rieucros led by Thierry, Fany and Xavier who are part of the rally with the Rambailleuses. This allows us to expand our group and to be reinforced during the various competitions. Joint training sessions have been organized in order to create cohesion between the two entities. Thank you to the girls who bring a new vision to the game and often show the way to the boys. Maélie, Anna and Ninon were present on the set of Labarthe-sur-Lèze where one observation was obvious: the mix worked wonderfully.

Tomorrow around 10.15 a.m., the minim Mirapiciens defeated the Saudrune and Brignemont teams in the Federal Challenge on the adjoining field. The players must concretize on the highlights and apply the instructions with more precision to claim good results.

In Regional 3, the juniors, undefeated since the start of the season, defeated the Saint-Juery-Arthes-OL-Rugby team.

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