Mont-de-Marsan dark in Pro D2, Massy finally wins

Leader at the dawn of this 5th day, Mont-de-Marsan completely sank in Montauban (19-43) this Friday evening. The Montalbanais made the difference from the start, opening the scoring with a try from Josua Vici from the second minute. Stade Montois, now 4th, never knew how to get into this match, conceding six tries and therefore resulted in their opponent, with the offensive bonus, coming back to three points (8th).

The new leader is called Grenoble. The Isérois won (17-9) against Aurillac. After a missed start to the match (0-6 in 10 minutes), the locals unfolded, in the wake of Karim Qadiri, author of a double in quick succession (29th and 31st).

Massy finally winner

Massy, ​​who is having a nightmarish start to the season with four defeats in four games, won his opener in a misplaced duel against Aix-en-Provence (23-21). In this closed match marked by numerous faults, the light came from Robaglia and Meïté, authors of the two Ile-de-France tries. A victory that gives air to Essonniens, who remain last.

For its part, Biarritz won a logical victory against Carcassonne. After a hectic first period, with five tries scored, the second was more closed. Steeve Barry scored the only achievement of the second act, offering himself a double and allowing his team to win 32-23.

In the other matches of the evening, Oyonnax did not tremble against Nevers (23-6) to take second place, while Angoulême controlled (19-10) against Béziers. Agen won 16-13 in Rouen, thus returning to the top 10.


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