Mourinho talks about the end of his career

Under contract until 2024 with AS Roma, José Mourinho remains a big name in the list of the most recognized coaches in the world. At almost 60 years old, the Portuguese discovered in an interview that he wants to continue his career, even if he admits to being closer to the end than the beginning of his rich adventure on the benches.

Where José Mourinho went, success often followed. Whether at Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Chelsea or Manchester United, the Special One has always left a mark and has never left anyone indifferent. Today at AS Roma, the Portuguese is off to an interesting start and despite a 6th place, his club is only one point from the Top 4, synonymous with qualification for the Champions League.

Even if the season is still long, the work done by Mourinho at the Romans remains interesting. But at almost 60 years old, the technician is gradually approaching the end of his career. In an interview transcribed by the Daily mail, the main interested party does not deny this fact, but does not intend to retire anytime soon: “These 22 years have passed very quickly, but I want to continue. I feel good, I feel strong, motivated, I love to win, hate to lose, nothing has changed. My hair color yes, even the wrinkles, but I want to continue.” The years go by but the former Chelsea player always remains true to himself.

“This year we will try to do better”

Even if he has lost none of his aggressiveness, Mourinho still wants to be a bit reasonable about the time he has left as a coach: “Not for 22 more years, because he doesn’t there is no time, but for a few more years.” Let football fans be reassured, Mourinho should still gratify them with some sensational declarations and iconic images.

The first to benefit will be AS Roma fans. Still under contract until 2024 with the Italian formation, the Portuguese intends to bring the Romans back to the fore, despite the difference in means with the title contenders: “This year, we are going to try to do better than last season. We don’t have the same economic potential as our rivals.”

The sixth in the championship still managed a flashy transfer window with the arrivals of Paulo Dybala and Georginio Wijnaldum (currently injured). Not to mention the presence of striker Tammy Abraham and nugget Nicolo Zaniolo: “We had a transfer window of €7m, but we have quality, passion, a lot of people who like to work together, which is an important thing. , and then at the end of the season, we’ll see.” For the resumption of the championship (01/10), Mourinho and his players will face Inter Milan. A big chunk on paper, but the Interists remain on a 3-1 defeat against Udinese.

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