multiple fractures for Yasser Al-Shahrani, withdrawal for the rest of the competition

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    Saudi Arabia

Hit violently in additional time of the meeting between Argentina and Saudi Arabia (2-1), Yasser Al-Shahrani received the knee from his own goalkeeper in the face. The Saudi goalkeeper has everything to demand entry into the field and the intervention of trainers and medical staff. The Saudi goalkeeper seemed to lower his head and really blame himself for having hit his partner like that, completely unintentionally of course.

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In a statement released on Wednesday, Saudi Arabia confirmed their withdrawal from the rest of the competition. Suffering from two fractures, in the jaw and in the left cheekbone, Yasser Al-Shahrani was operated on for internal bleeding. Mohammed ben Salmane, the prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, had also wanted the defender to be sent back to Germany to benefit from additional treatment.

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