MultiVersus: a basketball star and the hottest duo of anime series confirmed and soon to be added to the roster

MultiVersus is currently in beta in Early Access on PC and home consoles, a trial phase which will be open to the general public on July 26, for what should act as a pre-launch. 16 characters are already playable, but others will be regularly added later.

Player’s First Games and Games Warner Bros. took advantage of a sign at the San Diego Comic-Con to publish 3 new ones, from 2 different licenses. Firstly there is Morty and Rick Sanchez of rick and mortythe already cult animated series, but also Lebron James, star basketball player Space Jam: New Era (available on Blu-ray from €9.95 on Choices that confirm the variety of listing and which go above all in the direction of a leak which has been running for several months. According to him, Joker, Raven, Gizmo, Marvin the Martian, scooby-doo, Daenerys, The Limiter and The Wicked Witch of the West were to be incorporated into the cast, while the additions of Johnny Bravo, Fred Flintstones, The Super Girls, The Animaniacs, daffy duck, Ben 10 and even Ted Lasso would be of concern.

MultiVersus 23 07 2022 Rick Morty

james lebron will be playable in the open beta from July 26, with a set of movements made of dunks and alley-oops and voice acting by John Bentley, Morty at the launch of the Season 1 in August, for gameplay between projections and counters, and grinding wheel later in the course of Season 1with an arsenal made of portal beam and Mr. Meeseeks. Only the first has been entitled to a trailer for the moment.

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