Mussipontain Basin. The Bassin mussipontain handball is looking for sponsors to develop

Running a sports association requires designated financial management. Managing a sports association that plays at a fairly high level requires it even more. This is why the Bassin Mussipontain Handball is looking for local sponsors. “We are led to develop sponsorship because the club is developing”, says Fabrice Fleurance, sponsoring manager of the BMHB.

Commission restructuring

“Subsidies exist but they are not enough”, observes Jean-Pierre Pelluchon, president. New, a restructuring of the sponsoring commission of a took place. Cyrielle Hassler joined the group, bringing her network with her. In addition, two other people have been added to the commission: “Léa and Émilien will take care of VSEs and SMEs, they will canvass”, specifies the sponsoring manager.

Sportingly, the club has between 400 and 430 licensees for this new season. This represents 16 teams this year, some of which are performing at the national level. “This will generate additional costs, underlines the president. Movements are more important. We try to do them by bus, but what is expensive is arbitration. “With the increase in the cost of living, the club is also thinking of the other sections. “We are trying to save money for parents”. The BMHB will invest in two minibuses whose bodies will be covered by the sponsors.

We have to double our sponsors because we are reaching the maximum of subsidies

Jean-Pierre Pelluchon, President

Double the sponsors

“With the birth of the BMHB, the project is to have a women’s team in N1 and the boys in N2. This, with what follows behind, at a cost that increases the higher we are”. And the sponsors must provide for these ambitions: “We must double our sponsors because we are reaching the maximum of subsidies”. currently, fifteen sponsors have joined the club.

Different offers are offered to local actors to invest in the BMHB with various services. “The goal is for the club to be a showcase for sponsors and vice versa,” notes Fabrice Fleurance. The club even wants to go further than gaining visibility for both parties: “We want the different companies that work alongside each other to create a network between themselves through the Bassin Mussipontain handball,” says Cyrielle Hassler.

For partners, the sports association uses its network for its events, particularly in terms of food. Different investments are possible to support it in its ambitions while keeping its family values, without being closed to one sector. On the contrary. “We want to find a range of professions that must be attributed to local life,” she finds.

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