“My dream was to play in the first team at Langon”

Cape Town then Wellington

The third line of the stadium is only 22 years old, but has already had a very rich career. After having taken his first steps in Langon from the age of 6 to 13, the young Meryll then left for four years in Bègles, including two in pre-filière at the Lycée Victor-Louis. Returning as cadets to his training club, the Langonnais made a decisive trip to the other side of the world. He recalls: “I went to South Africa for a two-week internship at Stellenbosch Academy in Cape Town. It was Brian Liebenberg who organized it. There, I had a big click. I was playing with guys who were 20 years old, I was 16 at the time, it was amazing. »

Back in Langon, Meryll continues his apprenticeship, until a new experience marks him forever. At 18, the South-Girondin left for a year in New Zealand, in Wellington: “I had goals that brought me a lot of things; Mentally, it was quite strong,” says Ech-Chalkha. “I was welcomed by Mike Banks (former All Blacks coach) and by Murray Mexted (former All Black international). I was pampered, I was very lucky on that. »

“We have an incredible group, with game and locker room leaders, of course I want to anchor myself in it”

Upon her return, Meryll Ech-Chalkha took a BTS in hotel and catering management in Biarritz and played for Hasparren in Federal 3… before returning home a year later: “Frankly, it’s an incredible club but, me , I am a child of Langon. My dream was to play in the first team at Langon, from a very young age, assures the player. This year, after a good preparation, I have the chance to be there. »

He quickly established himself among the “big boys” of the club, so much so that one would think that he has always been there. After the three-game suspension which cut him off, the third line is motivated to find the first team: “We have an incredible group, with game leaders, locker room leaders, things are going well. Personally, of course, I want to anchor myself in it. I want to play and have fun, which is super important. »

Aim for the final stages

Current leader of Pool 4 of Federal 1, Langon is on the way to a great season and to meet for the first time since 2016 in the final stages. The child of the club dreams of experiencing this: “We want to fill the stands and fill in the boxes checked at the start of the year, that is to say qualify for the final stages. We are a young generation who have never experienced the final stages at Comberlin. Just imagining that warms the heart. Either way, we want to have as much fun as possible. “.

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