Nacional: Suarez will already leave the club

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Four months after his return to Nacional, his training club, Luis Suarez (35) is already preparing to pack his bags. Indeed, the Uruguayan striker had planned from his signing to come only to stay on the pace before the World Cup, which begins on November 20. Author of 4 goals in 11 games since his return, “El Pistolero” will therefore pass at the end of the championship, at the end of October.

“Suarez is indeed the top scorer in the history of Uruguayan football (68 goals) and the Nacional will allow him to stay fit for the World Cup. That’s what we agreed and he made a huge effort to come here. I say this to avoid generating expectations from the fans. Suarez is going to leave. We asked him, and he answered the same as before,” club president José Fuentes confirmed to TNT Sports. Argentine.

After the World Cup, the former Barcelona could return to Europe.

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