Nadal and Alcaraz received by the King of Spain

Thomas Siniecki, Media365: published on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 11:20 p.m.

The two Spanish tennis superstars were given official honors this week. Rafael Nadal, in particular, even received an award and took the opportunity to assure that he did not think he would end his career anytime soon.

Rafael Nadal, before joining the Laver Cup to join Roger Federer and the whole European team in London, received an award in Spain: “This year has been complicated, not only because of the injuries, which have followed throughout my career, but also because of personal and family news – in this case, it was very good news. In a year so filled with ups and downs, receiving this award is an even greater joy. great and I’m very grateful for that.” King Felipe VI presented him with the distinction in person and Rafael Nadal therefore hammered home the attachment to his country and his origins, he who is a native of Mallorca. Wednesday, it was the turn of Carlos Alcaraz to be received by the king, decidedly very tennis this week.

The new winner of the US Open spoke of a “privilege” and risks being received several more times during his career, while this may be a little less the case for his glorious elder. “Rafa” nevertheless remains extremely motivated: “I hope that does not mean that my career is over. Far from it, in any case it is not my intention! I still want to carry the name of the “Spain all over the world, as long as I’m still active and in competition.” A clarification that echoes the announced withdrawal of his great friend Roger Federer, who claimed to play a doubles with him for his likely only Laver Cup appearance (Friday night). The only thing missing is Rafael Nadal on site, who is expected on Thursday.

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