Nadal’s plea for more varied tennis

Rafael Nadal has just started an exhibition tour of South America during which he will play five games against Casper Ruud and one against Alejandro Tabilo.

Arrived Tuesday in Buenos Aires, he held a press conference on the spot on which evoked multiple subjects. Nadal, 36, particularly displayed himself as nostalgic for a certain variety, in proposals transmitted by the Latin American version of ESPN.

Today there are no more transition or preparation balls…

Rafael Nadal

“I would like a tennis that offers more possibilities, with more different styles of play,” said Nadal. “Today most players play in a very similar way, the playing conditions leave little room for other tactical options apart from clay which offers other opportunities.”

This feeling, Rafael Nadal already expressed it in the preface he wrote for Richard Gasquet’s book: Upside down and against everything.

In this book, he confessed to appreciating the game of Biterrois made of variations and a very diversified arsenal of shots.

Richard Gasquet / Villeurbanne © Sandrine Thesillat / Panoramic

“Before, all the balls did not attack each other”, outbids the Mallorcan. “Today, there are no more transition or preparation balls. By chance, I had a lot of success but I’m nostalgic for another tennis.

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