Napoli no longer want to hire African players

“Don’t talk to me about (footballers) Africans. I wish them well, but either they sign me a waiver to participate in the African Cup or else […] I never have them available »said the Neapolitan leader, Aurelio de Laurentiis, during a program broadcast Tuesday evening on the economic site Wall Street Italia.

In London, where he was speaking to the press, Koulibaly replied on Wednesday that ” no one (him) had never asked not to participate in the CAN “during his eight seasons spent under the colors of Napoli.

Trained in France and recruited by Naples in 2014 from Genk (Belgium), the central defender chose to join the Lions late, at 24, before becoming its captain and then winning the CAN last winter. in Cameroon. “No one can ban me from playing for my national team”a defendant the 31-year-old player. “That might be the only reason I could fight someonehe added. Defending the colors of the national team is for me the most important that exists. People need to show more respect. »

The clubs, employers of the players, have the obligation to let their internationals join their selections during the periods of international rules by FIFA.


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