National. Gauthier Ganaye, president of AS Nancy Lorraine: “A rise in Ligue 2, it is built”

First question, very simple: why are you coming out of your media silence today?

After the historic and restrained failure of the National descent, I think it was normal to keep a low profile. I was criticized for my communication and even then for my non-communication last season. Fans wanted deeds, not words. We launched a new project in the off-season and we needed new people to embody it and carry this new dynamic. Thorsten (Theys), Albert (Cartier) and Nabil (El Yaagoubi) did it very well. That doesn’t mean that I no longer have a role to play in communications. The proof, I am in the process of answering you and it seems to me an opportune moment to act like this, four matches before the winter break.

How do you judge this 2022-2023 season,…

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