Near Toulouse: the thief looted the parking lot of the Seilh golf course

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The gendarmes come to arrest a 40-year-old man specializing in trailer thefts in the parking lot of the Seilh golf course, near Toulouse. More than thirty violations were noted.

Months passed and complaints piled up on the offices of the gendarmes of the Beauzelle brigade, at the gates of Toulouse. Regularly regulars of the Seilh golf course, or customers of the Mercure hotel located on the same area, denounced thefts in their vehicles.

A simple method, the breaking of a mirror, then a search in order “to take away anything that may have a little value”, slips a gendarme. Glasses, coins, records, sometimes means of payment. Since the spring and the month of March, the gendarmes have recovered 31 trailer thefts, and three scams, the fraudulent use of bank cards.

Whenever possible, the investigators took technical samples, but in the end, their colleagues from Plaisance-du-Touch helped them by arresting an individual for a series of scams in July. And during the search of his home, elements were discovered which led the investigations to Seilh. Cash drawers that belonged to the hotel were discovered. They had been stolen during a burglary.

Placed in detention in July, this individual was taken out of the remand center and placed in police custody on Monday. This 40-year-old individual finally admitted his bad habits. Presented to the prosecution yesterday, he was to be tried before the criminal court in the context of immediate comparisons, but his lawyer preferred to request a delay to “prepare his defense”. The man went back to prison and will return to court on October 18.

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