Negrepelisse. Rugby: the “red devils” beaten by Belvès

For their reunion with their supporters, the Nègrepelissiens could not do anything against a great team from Belvès. The partition from 10 to 35 makes perfect sense.

Next Sunday, the “red and white” will go to Beaumont-de-Lomagne.

In a reserved team, as a curtain lever, the players of “Fred” Cavaillé and Jean-Rémy Laroque were defeated on the score of 10 to 46. Took part in this meeting: Estabes, Desjardins, Beil, Bouziane, Micheletto; Boissé, Hechaso, Gaubert; (m) Cavaillé, (o) Y. Folghera; Bonnefous, Garde, Ferrié, Simon; Tranier. Entered during the match: R. Toquard, Régis, Pradié, Tomazewski, Lafon, Fabre, Alesina.

A Béglais French champion in the stands: unhappy in 1967 against US Montauban but winner two years later against Stade Toulouse, Michel Boucherie, 3rd line at the time, current leader of Belvès and native of Belvès, had come support his team with heart and reason.

A historic poster: Michel Carcenac, supporter of Nègrepelisse, also Belvésois, resident not far from the Jean-Fleury stadium, brought out a poster dating from 1928 when the two clubs had already met in the quarter-finals.

Financial General Assembly for the 2021-22 season. It will be held at the Jean-Fleury stadium on Thursday September 22 at 7 p.m., in the presence of our accountant. You are therefore invited to participate in this very interesting and instructive meeting.

SCN rugby friendly petanque competition. The traditional and no less convivial SCN rugby friendly petanque competition will take place at the Jean-Fleury stadium on Saturday 1st October. Goal throw at 2:30 p.m. sharp.

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