Nérac-Pont du Casse, the derby of the year for André-Duprat

It is then on the field from 2 p.m. with the reserves of the two clubs who will open the ball, before the confrontation of the pennant teams at 3:30 p.m. The opposition, beyond the derby, is of paramount importance for two formations which currently occupy the two last places in the classification of this group 13. “It is an extremely important meeting for both teams, admits Romuald Berthoumieux, co-trainer of Pont-du-Casse. The standings speak for themselves and we all need points. It is not vital, but important. »

Same story on the Nerac side where any bad result would almost definitively sound the glass of the initial ambitions of the USN. “It’s a cut match for them as for us, notes Fabien Alvarez, Nerac co-coach. We are still chasing the points lost at home against Gimont, and we want to balance our balance sheet. This requires a victory against Pont-du-Casse. »

No animosity

And, when it comes to the fact that it’s a derby, the approach is somewhat different for the two technicians. “It remains a classic match with a few more people, notes the Cassipontin coach. The players approach it perhaps a little differently than the staff because some of our players have gone through Nérac. Either way, we know it will be difficult. “.

Among the residents of Baïse, on the other hand, we want to highlight the joy of meeting up with neighbors, especially since there does not seem to be any animosity between the two clubs. “It’s always a pleasure to play a derby, because it’s the assurance of having people at the stadium, rejoices Fabien Alvarez. For us, there is always a bit of pressure when we are at home. It is always important to show our supporters that we are competitive at this level. It is up to us to ensure that this pressure galvanizes us rather than inhibits us. »

But a derby is always a special meeting and it is impossible to predict in advance not only the outcome, but especially not the scenario. It is also because these encounters are always as surprising as they are passionate that the supporters are such friends. No one doubts that the opposition in the USN and the COP XV should be in line with the great derbies, hoping above all that it will be a great celebration for Lot-et-Garonne rugby, a good time for sport but also of sharing and conviviality between the two clubs.

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