No achievement for Foot Vallon

By receiving Toulouse Rodeo this Sunday in the 1/32nd final of the Occitanie Cup, Foot Vallon had a real Himalaya to overcome against a team playing in R1, or 4 divisions above. Obviously the Toulousains had not come to sightsee and they opened the scoring in the 5th minute.

The locals, although weakened by injuries and suspensions, did more than resist and following a very good collective, Enzo Rizzetto superbly launched by Mickaël Campredon equalized.

This same Rizzeto will have another opportunity to make the score worse, but his shot just misses the mark. These two hot alerts will have the effect of making Toulouse react, who will then increase their level of play and logically score twice before the break (3-1).

The recovery will begin on an equally sustained tempo with two new goals concretizing the undeniable superiority of the visitors. With a lot of skill Toulouse Rodéo will then manage their lead against the locals who don’t give up and will be rewarded for their self-sacrifice with a superb header scored from a corner by Maxence Visse.

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