no, but Juve yes)

Despite her beautiful eyes, the Old Lady did not measure up. When Paul Pogba, in a race against time and pain after his recent knee meniscus injury, had to decide, he chose the France team and the World Cup in Qatar. On the table, three options were available to him. But two of them involved passing on the billiards and almost certainly drawing a line under the World Cup in Qatar. The first, selective meniscectomy (removal of the damaged meniscus), would have kept him away from the pitch for a minimum of two months, while the suture required a rest phase of at least four to five months.

It was towards one of these two options that Juventus was pushing, to ensure a healing that was certainly longer but a priori definitive. This is not the choice Paulo made. After a passage in front of the medical staff of the Bianconeri, in Turin, the midfielder went to seek the opinion of one of the knee specialists, doctor Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet, who has already presented Zlatan Ibrahimovic, at the Orthopedic Center Paul -Santy of Lyons. On his return, at the great dam of the Old, Pogba finally opted for a conservative treatment based on muscle building in the swimming pool and in the gymnasium which does not require an operation and allows a return to competition in about five weeks.

The choice of the heart

This choice, perceived as risky by Juventus, which presented a 50% chance of total recovery, Doctor Philippe Loriaut, surgeon at the Center for Orthopedic Surgery and Sport Traumatology in Les Lilas, understands it. “It is true that in the context of a meniscal lesion, we tend to favor repair (therefore the operation) but, in the case of Pogba, we understand that everything is a question of calendar, explains he. By opting for the conservative treatment, he is giving himself a chance to play in the World Cup. Especially since, if there are no certainties with conservative therapy, there are none with surgery either. »

As recalled by Gazzetta Dello Sport, the French world champion was marked by his ankle operation when he played for Manchester United and he now prefers less radical treatments. Especially since, knowing La Pioche’s love for the French team, which is never better than with the blue jersey during major international competitions, it seemed unlikely that he would not try his chance. It was also the bet that Samuel Umtiti had made four years ago (for the result that we know) and that everyone today comes out of the drawer to comment on Paulo’s choice.

Juve knew what to expect

But for Dr. Loriaut, the risk is calculated and measured. “When we talk about a meniscus operation, we always have a few months to act,” he says. There will always be time to operate if he sees that it didn’t work out that way. Given the context, with the World Cup in a few months, the decision taken by Pogba seems to me to be the most logical and the most reasonable. Maybe that’s the one I would have recommended to him as well, even if it’s true that it could impact his club for the rest of the season. »

If this is the case, Juve will clearly be able to bite their fingers. But when you sign a Paul Pogba four months before a World Cup with the Blues, it’s hard to say that you didn’t see it coming.

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