Ollé-Nicolle swings on the Hamraoui-Diallo affair

Dismissed today but women’s coach at PSG at the time of the attack, Didier Ollé-Nicolle was on the front line. His first feeling about the two players is that he has “felt that they hated each other. One more than the other…” in an interview with The Team. He believes that the club managed the situation well even if it was not easy and had to organize itself so that the group continues to live well.

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“I don’t want to pass judgment because there was a judicial inquiry and we couldn’t know what was going to happen. I made the decision at that time to train Hamraoui and (Aminata) Diallo alone for a week. Then together the second week. Seven terrible days because the two girls didn’t speak to each other. (…) And the third week, I decided to reintegrate them into the group, hoping that the winter break would allow everyone to start from scratch. Until the clash, it held. I remain very proud of not having given in to pressure from the entourage of certain players and of having always played Hamraoui, who deserved his place on the pitch. » he details.

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