Oloron knows the recipe, remains in export

In any case, this latest victory is likely to change the course of a history taken up timidly (five wins and three losses since September 10). “We are finally rewarded for the work done over the past two months, welcomes coach Guillaume August. There was a real joy that we hadn’t seen for a very long time after the match. Our first two successes had been completely ripped off, but this time, on an end-to-end build, and it gives a whole different kind of pleasure. In short, Oloron is progressing, like a victory described as “monumental” by the FéCéO coach against Gujan. “Like this test scored on penal touch or that scored against a scrum that we pushed, against a very playful team who had possession up to 60%”, insists the technician.

Force his nature

More clinical, pragmatic and therefore more solid on its bases, Oloron must now gain consistency. Crucial, given the program that awaits him. With three trips in four games to close the calendar year (to Nafarroa this Saturday at 3.15 p.m., then to Barbezieux on December 11 and to Bergerac on the 18th, interspersed with the reception of Nantes on the 3rd), Oloron will not be able to save of a big performance out of its bases, to feed the relative serenity that it has just afforded.

To do this, it will also be a question of being much more disciplined than against Langon or Gujan, against whom the Béarnais have conceded no less than 16 penalties. Another major challenge: the defense and this string of missed tackles, which recently, against the Girondins, could have cost much more.

Three major absences

For the rest, and given the adversity that presents itself, the FéCéO must not let itself be intoxicated by its current form. “My resentment is that our biggest adversary is ourselves, feels Guillaume August. We did not meet a superior team. We are here because of us. We weren’t physically ready, then we weren’t up to speed on the conquest, the discipline…” This Saturday in Saint-Etienne-de-Baïgorry, the players of the August-Feuillade duo will have to tick all the boxes if they aspire to create a small achievement. “When you reach a certain level, you no longer have the right to go down, warns the technician. Especially against a team that works in continuity, which is very stable in terms of its workforce, which is solid on its bases, and which is clean and pragmatic. You will have to be present on the fundamentals, avoid playing ‘baballe’, because they are also very good in disorder. »

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