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Present at a press conference this Wednesday, the president of Olympique de Marseille Pablo Longoria responded, with authority, to all the hot issues of the Marseille club. The Spaniard sent several particularly clear messages.

Pablo Longoria released his truths.

At ease in front of the media, the president of Olympique de Marseille Pablo Longoria did not miss the opportunity to get his messages across. Present this Wednesday at a press conference for the presentation of the latest recruits, the Spaniard did not escape questions about the burning news of the Marseille club.

Obviously prepared for such questions, the Olympian leader carried out a particularly strong overall update.

Tudor authority reaffirms, Dieng example

Unsurprisingly, Longoria immediately invites to speak on Tuesday’s exceptional meeting at the Commanderie with coach Igor Tudor and the players. While the Marseille executives have called for this discussion in order to iron out the situation after a heavy summer preparation with many frictions with the Croatian technician (see the article here), the authority of the former defender to reaffirm. An intervention in front of the group, one is part of the codes. Normally, all my private conversations are not disclosed publicly. Locker room things should stay in the locker room. It’s a code in a club, this is the first pointhe first reminder.

The second point, I consider it important, is to remember that the message of the club has not changed since the presentation of Igor Tudor. Since day one, we’ve been talking about demands, work, discipline, with everyone in the same direction. Since I arrived here, we have always said that it was important to tell each other things, to take the same direction: the supporters, the players, the coach and the club. I would also like to recall one thing from Tudor’s presentation. It was his first question: there is the club, the coach and the players (with a wave of the hand to indicate the order, editor’s note). Yesterday we remembered all these thingsa commentary the Iberian, which therefore comforts the Tudor agreement power.

And a particular case will have to adapt to this new reality: Bamba Dieng. Pushed out due to his high market value this summer, the striker refuses to leave. And while many fans defend the Senegalese international over his downgrading in the attacking hierarchy, the OM boss is very clear. On Bamba Dieng, he is a player under contract with the club. Performance, hierarchy, these are things judged in daily training. In football there is no passhe expected.

It’s now, the next practice, the last game, the next game, what you did yesterday and today. It’s not public communication, but what you do on a daily basis. He is a very important player, we know him, we are talking about a real talent with a lot of impact on his first full season in Ligue 1. A player with value, but we must remember the values ​​of modern sport, insists Longoria. One way to bring, once again, its support Tudor, who blames Dieng for his extra pounds (see the article here).

Expected movements, the Veretout controversy annoys him!

If a departure of the African remains possible, he is obviously not the only one invited to pack his bags. While winger Konrad de la Fuente is expected to head to Valladolid, Longoria has confirmed several upcoming moves with a desire to reduce but also strengthen the current squad. We are content with the development of the transfer window so far. It’s true, as we said last time, there are too many players to start the season, we want a group of 22 players, with 2 goalkeepers, this is the final objective for the end of the transfer window. , he announced. We need to recruit players, because we want to speed up the process of changing from one style to another (from Sampaoli Tudor, editor’s note). But you also have to get players out. Some movements are getting closer. And we must continue to develop our strategy until August 31.

Relaunched on the individual cases of AS Roma midfielder Jordan Veretout and Inter Milan striker Alexis Sanchez, the OM boss refused to say too much. I don’t like talking about individual players. We are talking about two players with an international level. From Jordan Veretout, who has been performing for 5 years in a demanding championship like Italy. Then Alexis Sanchez, if we consider his history and his current statistics, of the very high level, he won in all the countries where he played. They both have a significant level of adaptability to our squad, but they are players who always match Roma and Inter. We must respect the choice of clubsa temporis Longoria, who still seems confident on both issues.

However, the Marseille president still showed his annoyance at the Veretout controversy, whose possible recruitment is rejected by some fans on social networks due to a court case between his in-laws. There is a question in life, it is to make moral concessions and to judge a situation. I ask questions: is he convicted? Ok… There’s a guess he did something. Is it a guess or a fact? Because I can make assumptions about other things. Then there are other questions. You have to look yourself in the eye, be honest. In life, of course, you have to have ethics, values, righteousness. But beware of people’s judgment. A rumor is a reflex of current life with social networks. Popularly judging someone for a guess, right? Is it morally acceptable? We need to reflect on this current society. That’s my point of view, always respect people, a Longoria term. A cash speech on all points.

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