OM: what the Tudor players criticize

Even before the start of the season, the tension is already palpable between the players of Olympique de Marseille and their coach Igor Tudor. The direction of the Croatian generates many tensions.

Tudor has already put his wardrobe behind…

Less than a week before the resumption of the French championship, the beginning of a crisis is already shaking Olympique de Marseille. As revealed on Monday by La Provence, Marseille players are annoyed by the management of new coach Igor Tudor and some executives have requested an appointment with President Pablo Longoria to raise the problem.

Tudor’s way of speaking goes wrong

The OM players do not question their coach’s tactics or preparation, however they do not appreciate his lack of flexibility and his very direct, even harsh tone. For example, the tone rose very quickly between Tudor and Gerson, Cengiz or even Jordan Amavi, when the situation was not always worth it.

Moreover, Tudor’s attitude had already precipitated the departure of Mauro Camoranesi, a few days after his arrival as deputy. The former midfielder simply couldn’t stand the way his ex-Juventus Turin team-mate spoke to him. In a very proving preparation, the players now also find it difficult to accept the remarks of their coach.

A meeting scheduled for Tuesday

They don’t blame Tudor military preparation, it was the same with Sampaoli. But Tudor is sometimes icy, he unravels everything that Sampaoli has done, the game, the atmosphere, and the executives find it a shame to move away towards the opposite extreme , explains an intimate of the group in L’Equipe. Another close to the locker room confirms: Tudor came in saying to them, in a nutshell, “You don’t run enough, you don’t work enough and you don’t play right.” Inevitably, a cre of tensions.

To try to appease them, a meeting is scheduled for Tuesday between Tudor and his locker room, according to the sports daily. It could be to burst the abs and refocus on the field as the reception of Reims looms on the horizon, Sunday, for the 1st day of Ligue 1. In the meantime, the Olympian management is united behind its coach and promise to transfer one or two elements (recalcitrant) if necessary, reports L’Equipe. The dialogue demanded by the players can quickly get to that point.

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