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  • 1 Motorsports to fight dust

  • The Guiclan autocross (29) was forced to cancel its 2022 edition after the Finistère prefecture placed the department on heightened drought alert, prohibiting the watering of sports grounds. “We have to water the circuit every two or three rounds, to avoid too much dust”, recalls the organizer Bernard Abherve. A cancellation reminiscent of that of Martigné-Ferchaud (35) at the beginning of June, but which is not systematic in motor sports. “It is forbidden to draw water. But the use of a private reserve of non-potable water is possible, ”says the Ligue de Bretagne de moto.

  • 2 Riding pauses

  • For horse riding, almost all of the competitions in August have been canceled, like the Jump’in Breizh, which was to take place at the Haras d’Hennebont, from August 13 to 16. “The pond which serves as a reservoir for the stud farm is almost dry. No watering means soil of inferior quality”, justifies Alexis Le Roux, organizer of the event, which brings together around 1000 commitments. Of the four Breton departments, one of the only survivors is the Jumping du Poulbert, in Trinité-sur-Mer (56), which benefits from derogations because it is located in a Natura 2000 area.

  • 3 The Dinard Golf Grand Prix attends a derogation

  • Since Tuesday evening, the Dinard golf course no longer has the right to water its lawns. This could jeopardize the organization of the Grand Prix, from August 11 to 15. “Our request for exemption left today (Wednesday). If it is refused, there is a great risk of cancellation. The degradation of the lawns is going very quickly, ”laments Jean-Guillaume Legros, golf director.

  • 4 Football pitches getting drier

  • Even as the recovery is looming on amateur football pitches, the lawns are already very deteriorated. “We do with it”, we explain to the Quimperlé club. At FC Guiclan, we train on two different terrains to cushion the effects of the drought. Professional clubs are also affected, in their training centers or in their stadiums. None of the four clubs have confirmed whether or not they continue to water.

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