One hundred years of history, passion… and great tournaments for the Biterrois Tennis club

A big name in local sport, the structure is celebrating its centenary this year.

Since its creation in May 1922, by a group of enthusiasts determined to unite around their love of the little yellow ball, the Biterrois Tennis Club has established itself as one of the biggest names in local sport, a monument that has stood the test of time and the years that have passed.

Passion as a driving force

A legend that has continued to grow over the years and continues to exist today, guided by the passion and commitment of partners, leaders and volunteers, all invested in their mission.

“The history of the club is that of enthusiasts who passed on the relay from generation to generation. What continues to animate us today, as was already the case 100 years ago with the founders, it’s the love for tennis and all the values ​​it conveys”, confides Jérôme Vic, whose grandfather was precisely at the origin, with other enthusiasts and friends, of the birth of the Biterrois Tennis club, at the time on the three courts of the Jardin Bassin Reservoir of the city.

“A lot of things have changed since that time, the approach to sport has notably been modified, but the passion has remained the same. all these years, taking care to maintain this spirit and this atmosphere which are specific to our structure. The Biterrois Tennis club is a soul, a history. We are like all the other tennis clubs, but with a past surely a bit beefier. That’s what’s kept us going all this time.”

By relying on a clever mix between modernity, symbolized by the rise of padel within the structure, and respect for the heritage and heritage of the club.

Like the vintage tournament which has several licenses, a few days ago, as well as all the events organized to celebrate with dignity the centenary of this institution of Biterrois sport. A century of tennis and passion.

On the youth side…

Hannah Michel, Margaux Caffin and Pierre-Alexandre Meynier Mundetb.

As during the Cap d’Agde Master Challenge 3.4, which saw Hannah Michel win the tournament against her teammate Margaux Caffin, and PierreAlexandre Meynier Mundetb take second place, the young hopefuls of the Biterrois Tennis club regularly offer great performances on the regional scene. Enough to feed great promises for the future of the club in the coming years.

…and padel players

The joyful Biterrois padel players.

The joyful Biterrois padel players.

Faced with the impressive dynamics of the discipline in recent years, the Biterrois Tennis Club did not hesitate to install padel courts. To the delight of many practitioners.

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