“Our ambitions have not changed”

Nathalie Voisin, Director General of the JDA. Photo LBP/Emma BUONCRISTIANI

“Economics and sport go hand in hand”

Nathalie Voisin (CEO of the JDA group): “All our activities (15 subsidiaries in the JDA group, 85 employees), in parallel with sportsmanship, have meaning only in relation to sport. We know very well that economics and sport go hand in hand: you can always perform with limited means, the JDA is a fabulous example of this, but at some point, you need additional means. The level of the championships is progressing and if we don’t progress, we regress. In 2015-2016, concerning the basket, the payroll was 1.158 million euros, since last year we are at 1.8 million euros gross. Progress was essential. This does not make us leaders but we are in the race. »

“That’s the only driving force: how to create an economic model that can make the JDA autonomous and very quickly have additional resources that still allow it to compete with big teams. We have to move towards diversification, but not just anything. Already on things that are important to us, such as gastronomy, wine (22 hectares in southern Burgundy)… Entities that have their roots in all Burgundy activities, also with a very pleasant seminar venue in Bourgvilain (Saone-et-Loire), labeled Gîtes de France, one of the great projects we carried out this year. »

The JDA Dijon launch party in pictures and video

Thierry Degorce, president of the JDA group.  Photo LBP/Emma BUONCRISTIANI

Thierry Degorce, president of the JDA group. Photo LBP/Emma BUONCRISTIANI

“We try to push a little further”

Thierry Degorce (president of the JDA group): “Our ambitions have not changed, they have always been. We wanted it, in all modesty, the objective is to continue to walk around Europe through the basket, and we will have the chance to do it again this year (in the Champions League). But our wish is that the hand can also have a good season and that we can also go to the European Cup. »

“Exactly a year ago, we said the goal was to be fifth for the basket and we finished fifth. I congratulate the coach (Nenad Marković) and all staff. If we can continue to be fifth, I would already be happy, after a rule in business: it’s always more! We try to push a little further, but our competitors are also structuring themselves, taking the JDA as a model, even in the constitution of teams, such as maintaining a workforce of 60%. I hope it will be another year of emotions with moments of sharing. »

Two new projects

“The second is linked to the JDA Bourgogne Dijon appellation (a wine-growing project in Côte-d’Or, coming in 2023). The first is signed with La Bergerie, which is a magnificent site, on the road to Corcelles-les-Monts. We would keep it becoming a training center, a training school, for us, our professional activity but not only. That associations can come and rent spaces too. It is a somewhat new and complementary structure that will be created. We’ll talk about it again in six months when the work is finished. »

The teaser for the 2022-2023 season

The words of the JDA Basket coach, Nenad Markovic, in French

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