Oye-Plage: after the fire, the tennis club found its hall, but not all of its licensees

Deprived of their burned club house built in April, but also of their tennis hall, the licensees have found part of the facilities for a few weeks. Two temporary modulars have been installed. Licensees have chosen to sign in other clubs.

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Last April, the club house and part of the roof of the room occupied by the Tennis club of Oye-Plage (TCOP) were ravaged by a fire. To date, three people are presumed guilty of being at the origin of this disaster. They are awaiting a judgment.

This is not the first time that the club has been the victim of various intrusions, thefts and damage. ” There, we are on another scale, as the financial amount of the damage is considerable explains the president, Daniel Gosselin.

Modulars have been installed to replace the clubhouse destroyed by fire.
Modulars have been installed to replace the clubhouse destroyed by fire. – VDN

The end of the TCPP sports season and the start of the current one have been negatively impacted by this sad event. ” In addition to the clubhouse, the training equipment, furniture, balls, and rackets went up in smoke, it is the impossibility of using the tennis court which will have been very detrimental for the members of the club. “says Daniel Gosselin.

Agreements with neighboring clubs

In order not to stop last season, agreements have been made with surrounding clubs (Gravelines, Grand-Fort-Philippe, Calais) which have made land available to the Anserian club for training. Championship matches were played away. ” All this has caused many trips for licensees and parents », Analyzes the president.

Training for young people resumed in the Éole room in October.
Training for young people resumed in the Éole room in October. – VDN

Once the result of the expertise of the destruction of the clubhouse obtained, the municipality proceeded to the complete cleaning of the room and two modular were installed to serve as office and showers. ” The resumption of activities was only recorded in October, we were late for registrations, members chose other clubs with more welcoming structures. regrets Daniel Gosselin. Despite everything, the leaders struggled to perpetuate the tennis club. ” Thank you to the adults who have chosen to continue out of solidarity and to the parents who have renewed their confidence in us by registering their children. This is proof of their attachment to a family club, unpretentious but recognized for its friendliness. », points out Daniel Gosselin.

A new room in the works

For lack of a second court, the TCPP continues to solicit the surrounding clubs for the championship matches.

In order to proceed with the replacement of the material and equipment destroyed in the fire, the leaders have requested assistance from the Department and the Tennis League, they also hope that the project for a new hall carried by the municipality will succeed.

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