Oyonnax revives against Nevers

Beaten at Mont-de-Marsan last week, Oyonnax recovered on Friday evening by dominating Nevers at home, during the 5th day of Pro D2 (23-6).

Well in place at the start of the match, the Oyomen did not immediately take advantage of the indiscipline of Nivernaise. The latter were however penalized ten times in the first period and quickly reduced to 14 after the yellow card of Kevin Noah (8th).

The Haut-Bugistes relied on the foot of Jules Soulan to widen the gap (9-3, 30th). And also to an airtight defense so as not to put oneself in danger in this first act. It was also necessary to wait for the 40th minute to see Nevers make its first foray into the 22 meters of Oyonnax, without much success.

Two tries scored after the break

Already tense in the first period, the duel was still heating up as soon as they left the locker room. Thomas Zenon took a yellow card in turn for a dangerous foul on Aurélien Callandret (41st). This time Oyonnax took advantage of his numerical superiority by scoring in stride thanks to Thomas Laclayat after a touch (16-3, 46th).

The Oyonnaxian defense continued to stem the opposing attacks, despite the penalty from Shaun Reynolds (16-6, 60th).

Then the Aindinois took off definitively thanks to Aurélien Callandret who played on foot for himself and scored the second try of the game (23-6, 65th).

Undefeated at home at the start of the season but still perfectible far from their bases (3 wins for 2 losses away from home), Oyonnax is temporarily back on the championship podium at the end of this first block. Joe El Abd’s players will return to the pitch in a fortnight in Aix-en-Provence.

The sheet In Oyonnax (Charles-Mathon stadium), Oyonnax beat Nevers 23-6 (half-time: 9-3). Referee: Julien Castaignede. Spectators: approximately 5,000 spectators. Evolution of the score: 3-0, 3-3, 6-3, 9-3 (half-time), 16-3, 16-6, 23-6, For Oyonnax: 2 tries from Laclayat (45th) and Callandret (64th), 3 sanctions from Soulan (15th, 23rd, 30th,), 2 conversions from Soulan (46th, 65th). For Nevers: 2 penalized by Menoret (17th), Reynolds (60th). Yellow card: Noah (8th), Zenon (41st).

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