Pamier. The FCP football school stands out, the seniors victorious

the essential
It was the official return to the league for the young people of the football school and the seniors. The majority of the teams made a good impression. Full box for the pennants and the reserve.

Busy football weekend at FC Pamiers, from football school to seniors with many teams on the pitch. Seniors first. A flawless performance to the credit of the two teams aligned in regional 3 in Aude at Pezens and Vernajoul in departmental championship 1. The eleven pennants did not go into detail and won with style on the score of 4 goals to 0 in Pezens. It was the satisfaction in the camp of the players coached by the Montejo-Garcia duo. He had to get into this R3 championship, it’s done with realism and four goals scored (doubled by Hugo Garcia, Bani and Nafi). Make way for the Occitanie Cup with a trip to FC Pays d’Olmes on Sunday. It is then the Avenir football catalan which will come to the Balussou stadium on Saturday 1st October.

For the FCP reserve, it is also a good operation for the players coached by Alex Carriere who wins after a serious match in supposedly glimpsing good hopes for this season. It promises to be raised at the highest level of the district with in particular teams like Mazères, Saint-Girons and Saint-Jean-du-Falga which were to play the leading roles in the company of the Appameans. Young people now. A meeting with the twinning committee and the other associations of the city was on the program in order to prepare the place of the friends of Crailsheim for the All Saints holidays.

It was also the return of the U 11 to the Châtaigneraie in partnership with the district. Thirty-two teams came from all over the department with three women’s teams, including the “FCPepetes”, for a beautiful morning of football. The U12s were invited to the L’Union tournament and were victorious at home. In the regional championship, the U 17 lost by 2 goals to 0 in Balma. The U 18 matched L’union but finally conceded defeat (2 to 1) after a rhythmic meeting between two teams who delivered a good performance for this resumption of contact with the competition. In the territorial championship, the U 14 did not make any detail against the Low Country Ariège agreement and won with the score of 8 goals to 1.

Finally, the U16s coached by Florian Pestre beat Montpellier PB on Sunday by 3 goals to 2 in the regional championship 2. A great performance, but it took the employer and giving everything to win. “The first half hour of play is for Montpellier who were above, both in terms of ball possession and total commitment on the field,” says Florian. He continues: “It’s quite logical that they take the advantage but we were able to find the necessary resources to equalize thanks to Yan Houdayer.”

The FCP will gradually take control of its opponent by adding a second but through Jérémie Oxybel, before taking the break with an achievement by Wissam Khoya. Montpellier will then return to the game, miss a penalty and ultimately will not be able to contest the FCP victory. Next match in Millau on Saturday for the U 16s. To conclude, the FCP is organizing its general meeting on Friday September 30 at the club house, on the Châtaigneraie site, from 7:30 p.m.

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