Pascal Gastien (Clermont): “We know what not to do” against PSG

“You have the experience of two games against PSG (0-4, 1-6) last season. What did you learn from these two encounters?
We know what not to do, that is to say not to relax against them. We were very close to leveling the score at home last year when we were down 2-1 and in twelve minutes they scored four for us but because we went all over the place. Against them, one is punished quickly. You have to play even more with your head to be able to hope for something. And afterwards, you have to put a lot of heart and intelligence to have a small chance of getting a result.

What did you think of their match against Nantes (4-0) in the Champions Trophy?
They were very impressive. I saw all their preparation matches. If they have the same attitude, I don’t think there will be many teams that will beat them this season. So for me this is the really big entry chunk. It’s been five or six weeks that everyone tells me it’s a good time to take them. From what I see, I’m not sure at all. This is the first match, they will kindly enter the competition. They showed that it was going to be complicated for the title, the championship, for all the teams.

“We know that for us it will be difficult”

What do you think of the fact that a French coach is in charge of a club like PSG?
I find that to be very good. I don’t see why French coaches wouldn’t be able to assume, to lead a big French and European team. Christophe Galtier will show that French coaches are capable of it. There have been great foreign coaches who have also brought something to French football, Pochettino was one of them. The big clubs turned mainly to foreign coaches but there were young French coaches capable of assuming in a club. On a saw (Bruno) Genesio in Lyon, who had very good results there, and who has some in Rennes, we see (Julian) Stephane in Strasbourg. In addition, they are coaches who present a spectacular, open game. There is no reason for Christophe Galtier not to succeed at PSG. It has everything it takes to succeed.

There was a lot of movement in your team during the transfer window. Can we expect a change in your play style this season?
This will not change anything in what we aim to do. We know that for us it will be difficult. We didn’t change status because we spent a year in the first division. We always want to impose our game, to be masters of the game, in all matches. I think we will improve as the season progresses. There are still players who have stayed and who have lived with me for two or three years. These are the guarantors of the game that we want to put in place. We didn’t invent football either, but we want to try to play well. We play to maintain ourselves, we don’t play for the pleasure of playing. What we do must lead us to maintaining at the end of the season. »


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