performing in Regional 2, Tartas saw the climb

On the staff side, Nicolas Lesburgueres and Fabrice…

On the staff side, Nicolas Lesburgueres and Fabrice Guiet received the reinforcement of former players Pépé Dupourqué and Anaud Napias. They manage in good sense a workforce of about sixty players of a good level, strong of six victories, and which conceded only two defeats, at the leader Capbreton / Hossegor (19-5) and at his runner-up l ‘ELO (34-26).

A tight and contested hen

“We are making a good start to the season, recognizes president Francis Durou. Our goal is to go back to Regional 1, where we are deviating from evaluation. But we were changed the rules a week before the recovery and for us, it’s a bit as if we had gone down, he regrets. In this group, the top of the table is very tight and sincerely, it promises a very interesting and very disputed return phase, since only one club will go up! »

Tartas has six wins and two losses this season.

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Indeed, no one will have room for error and this climb could well be played out at a bonus point. “We have all the ingredients to get there, but the teams opposite satisfy him as much as we do,” he adds, a philosopher.

Reverse match

With the results, a craze is created around the club, behind which a very large public is mobilized at each trip. “Sometimes we have more supporters than the team that receives us! “, underlines the president with obvious pleasure. It is true that the public is not mistaken and appreciates this team turned towards the offensive, which scores an average of three tries per match: “Everyone enjoys it! »

This Sunday, the ground of Sanguinet not being practicable, the order of the meetings was reversed and it is the Sanguinétois who will move. In ninth and last place in the group, since the RCB-Peyrehorade agreement is forfeited, the yellows and blacks are in difficulty, still looking for a first victory and a first point acquired on the ground.

In lack of manpower, the club created in 1942 even had to forfeit during the 5th day. But in a worrying period for rugby in the territorial series, he has the merit of hanging on and has not given up the will to win.

Tartas (3rd, 28 pts) – Sanguinet (9th, 10 pts), this Sunday, November 27 at 3 p.m. in Tartas (annex of the Hourittiot municipal stadium). Referee: Hugo Montegut.

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