Périgueux will fight the battle of the leaders against Niort

“The players started talking at the start of the week. They are ready to face Niort, rejoices Richard Hill, the capist coach. We will prepare like for the other matches. It’s easier for me to motivate the players. “Already, in Marmande, they pushed the involvement to the end to go and register the third try late.

Impact bench

“The players have character. The bonus point was unexpected when we take three cards, six scrum penalties. But we didn’t miss a tackle and we integrated phases at several playing times. ” It is therefore in the scrum that the Niortais, no less observant than others, I think to support.

It is in this sector, precisely, that the staff has made changes. Constrained with regard to the position of hooker since Baptiste Arvouet complained of cervical. Inevitably, this does not help to grow properly. Damien Lavergne also pays the price by leaving the group while Victor Léon will be back. “Jason Tindilière is confident, it’s not a sanction for Damien. Not sure the player received it the same way.

In the second row too, there will be change with the tenure of the Richard Fourcade – Marius Iftimiciuc team. “I don’t usually do it like that but we’re going to try this strategy: bringing in impact players in the second half, having a bench that can make the difference. This is why Pierre Rousserie and Madioke Konate will be replaced.

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