Pierre Le Meur, new reserve team coach

He is the new face of this 2022-2023 season within the Nantes staff. Grégory Cojean and Dimitri Fleurance with the professional team, it was Pierre Le Meur, 37, who took on the dreams of the reserve team. Portrait.

Professional player for 10 years including a stint at Billère after his training at Cesson-Rennes, the native of Concarneau, returns to Rennes to start his retraining project. “I passed my coaching diplomas. I was on training two structures. Half of my time on the Cercle Paul Bert in Rennes with an evolution, from youth coach to N1 for 3 years. And in parallel, 8 years on the hope center of Cesson-Sevigné”.

At the head of the CPB team, in the same group as HBC Nantes last season, he sees the evolution of the “H” reserve team over the 21-22 season. “I really like these pools because the team profiles are very varied. There are training centers which are atypical teams with young players, sometimes less experienced but with a lot of talent. And there are much more mature teams with sometimes former professional players, which was somewhat the case at Cercle Paul Bert. The youngsters had grown in strength throughout the season. Finally, the curves were reversed, with the more seasoned teams running out of steam at the end while the training centers had finished very strong.

Contacted by Grégory Cojean to come and take charge of the reserve team and the made in “H” training center managed for 3 seasons by Dimitri Fleurance, he did not hesitate very long before accepting. “For me, the place of the “H” today is no longer to be done at the top level. It is the best club in France to express itself on the training aspect. It was an opportunity, that of being in the best possible structure for the development of young players”.

Qualities in the training of young players recognized for many years and an exciting club project for the ex-Rennes who seized the opportunity given to him to experience this from the inside. “It’s very high level. The club also has a very strong ability to create an event around the handball match, in terms of public, atmosphere, experience. I really believe that what happens around meetings is something exceptional. From the outside, it’s a big success, a project you want to know more about. It motivated me to be able to see handball and the life of the club in all its facets. Today, I think it’s a club that makes and must make the youngest dream, and I aspire to accompany them as much as possible towards that.

Beautiful words from the part of the new coach of the reserve team who took up his new duties within the club at the 3 ermines at the beginning of September, supervised by Grégory Cojean and Dimitri Fleurance, with whom he is collaborating for the first time. “We know each other and through our respective professions, we have been led to rub shoulders and meet each other, but this is the first time that we have worked together. For the moment it’s the beginning, I take my marks, I discover the environment, I try to understand the organization of the club, the functioning of the staff and we get to know each other “.

He also met some of his players. “It’s a hard core made up of 9 players from the academy. With them, we will have playing partners to bring density to this group. The idea is also to continue the link with the association and therefore to integrate players from the under-18 team little by little. These are young people, who because of their career at “H”, have deserved at least to participate in the preparation with the N1. This allows them to be valued and also to save a little time, because they realize the requirement expected with the reserved team”. This is how the reserve team of HBC Nantes will be composed this season. Some players have left, others have arrived, but the house policy and the structure of this team has remained the same in general terms. “Slightly older playing partners should provide stability on the N1 level and bring some experience and maturity. We try to find the right mix of players to best support everyone’s development”.

A team that therefore resumed training on July 28 with a preparation divided into 2 phases of 3 weeks. “Over the first 3 weeks, the idea is to build up the group a bit, even if we are missing a few players. We will try to gradually increase the physical intensity to be ready to play handball in about 3 weeks”. Indeed, Pierre Le Meur does not yet have his full squad, since 3 players are currently in preparation with the professional team and 3 others are at the Euro with the French team. “Then we will have 3 weeks with a few friendly matches, which should allow us to gradually form this group, with the constraints of a training center, players who go with the pro team, others who are international “.

For them, the official season in National 1 will resume on September 3, on the Pouzauges floor. A new year for the reserved team, with objectives quite similar to previous years. “My goal is already that we all have fun, it’s part of my DNA. Afterwards, of course, you will have to be able to maintain yourself at the N1 level, which represents the priority objective in terms of pure results”.

Collective but also individual objectives for the players of the training center. “These players have to go through stages, cross milestones. We have high goals for them. We are there to accompany them in their project, so that they get as close as possible to the top level. It’s up to us to find together, the best possible emulation between the players of the center, the playing partners with more experience and the young players, in order to create a good environment for all these handball players to evolve. There is a real individual support for the players and a real desire to make them progress individually to find the balance between the collective and the evolution of the players”.

While waiting for the official resumption of the competition, we welcome Pierre Le Meur and a good preparation for the entire reserve team.

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