Ploemeur 56 Table Tennis, a club in the making and motivated start-ups – Ploemeur

The Ploemeur 56 table tennis is doing well, the three departmental teams and the pennant team obtained good results on Saturday November 19 and Sunday November 20, 2022. The young shoots that never stop progressing.

National Goal 2

This weekend, the pennant team moved to the leader, AC Plérin, and they brought back the three points of victory. “The last two meetings will be played with the objective of moving up to national 2. As in the 2019-2020 season, the Ploemeur 56 TT, in the event of victory on November 26 against Ville-aux-Dames (Indre-et- Loire) and on December 10 against Alençon (Orne) will be propelled to National 2. Only players will be able to give an answer to this suspense and achieve what would be a new historic feat for the club, ”hopes the president, Cédric Macia.

Young people with a promising future

“The points obtained by the departmental teams give our teams a great breath of fresh air and they can see the end of the phase more serenely”, welcomes the president of the club. As for the training of young people, provided by coach Patrice Beuset, “they allow them to progress well and some, the most motivated and the most diligent in training, will soon be part of the workforce with the older ones and will be able to join the “elite” group. with specific sessions for the competition”, projects Cédric Macia. He adds: “The team level pyramid must be regular in order to allow young people to progress step by step, this requires avoiding too large differences in level between each team”. During the covid crisis, the club had been forced to cut teams at this level. “A return to normal is on the right track,” attests the manager.

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