Plot. Puy-l’Évêque rugby club victim of 3 burglaries in 15 days

From left to right Rémi Branco, Nicolas Ayrault and the president of the RCP, Puy L’Evêque rugby club in Lot Bernard Cilia in front of the damage caused by the theft of tarpaulins and synthetic turf panels… (©Actu Lot)

the RCP, rugby club of the town of Puy-l’Evêquein the Plothas just experienced a very sad misadventure in recent days, with a series of burglaries : a first for the new staff, even if it is unfortunately not the first time in the history of the club!

Dismayed, officials say it all started with the tarpaulins for the new baby rugby marquee dedicated to training the children of the sports school, which cost €7,000, and executed in October 2021. These tarpaulins were the first target of unscrupulous individuals: some of them disappeared on July 16, 2022 A second flight of tarpaulins to follow a few days later.

The fractured and visited clubhouse

Then it was the turn of clubhouse premises from being broken into and visitedSunday, July 31, 2022: there, cupboards, fridges and freezers were emptied of their food containers, and the drinks disappeared.

To complete everything, the synthetic turf panels that fitted the floor of the baby rugby tent (which allows training for the little ones whatever the weather), have also evaporated.

Exasperated, the officials lodged a complaint with the gendarmerie, who said they were taking care of the problem and organizing themselves into rounds of surveillance. An elected official came to the site to assess the damage and support the morale of the team. The departmental councilor Rémi Branco, vice-president of the Department, also sorry, went to the bedside of the club on August 2.

Materials for children

The new president of the RCP, Bernard Cilia, dissatisfied and chagrined, finds it difficult to accept these break-ins: the most unbearable thing for him is the disappearance of everything that was intended for children, equipment and specific equipment, carpets, cakes and ice cream, targets of criminals. His recent arrival at the head of the club only dates from July 2. He replaces Ludovic Pennequin who did not wish to continue as club president; Laurent Bélivent also leaves the rugby school. A lot of change to come, therefore, and a lot of work to do!

A new president

Bernard Cilia, this 68-year-old retiree, former head of the DGAC (General Directorate of Civil Aviation) and following a health accident, of logistics at the General Management of this administration in Aix-en-Provence, is also a passionate former rugby player: on the rugby pitch since the age of 8, he finally became a coach.

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Residing in the town of Soturac for three years, he arrived at the RCP last year, with his wife Martine. He therefore accepted the presidency, the applications not being legion!

From the outset, his speech met with transparency, that of activities and finances; he wishes to keep the dynamism and cohesion of the entire sports team of the club; it could also deal with problems of safety, maintenance and bringing premises up to standard, in particular electrical ones. To move forward in this direction, he has therefore set up an office around him, made up of highly motivated people (see box below).

The new RCP Office

With Bernard Cilia, new president of the Puy-L’Evêque Rugby Club:
– Nicolas Ayrault, vice-president, will be responsible for relations;
– Carlos Vilela, vice-president, will lead the rugby school in place of Laurent Bélivent;
– Céline Haag, player of the women’s team, becomes treasurer, she will have assistants in this position;
– Anaïs Mayonnade, also a player, is appointed secretary;
– Anne-Sophie Delcroix (ex-secretary of the club) becomes leader of the women’s team;
– Aurélia and Cédric are coaches of the women’s team;
– Ahmed Zandouche is responsible and coach of the senior team;
– Thomas Touret will manage the internal and external communication of the club;
– Ludovic Pennequin retains management of the partnership and sponsors;
– Emile Fabre will be responsible for Rugby Flag, non-contact leisure rugby;
– and a group will be dedicated to events.

Here we go again for the sports season

On the other hand, the sports season having recommended, senior men’s training resumes as soon as this friday 5 august.

And as life goes on without burglaries, a meeting is also scheduled with the municipality on 12 august Next, in order to organize the traditional day of sports, like that of last year, and in order to solve the many problems that are supposed to achieve this.

Good luck and fair winds to this brand new team, let’s not already send all the determination to move forward.


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